SEO – A Better Education for the Next Generation

As young people of an ever changing educational landscape we believe it is our role in society to help increase awareness of select-entry state schools for underrepresented communities. We believe through education we can help break the cycle of certain minority groups which can lead them into poverty, crime and domestic violence. Moreover, there has been a distinct lack of students in certain minority groups attending select entry high schools.

Our program aims to raise awareness of these schools in order to promote a higher standard of education for these students. With this we hope we can make a difference to their lives for the better.

At SEO we plan to provide educational programs in order to help selected students of minority groups obtain a chance to receive a more well rounded high school education from institutions such as Melbourne High School and other select entry high schools.

We have been collaborating with institutions such as SAIL which assists members of the Melbourne Sudanese community through providing them with educational services.

Through this partnership we believe we can provide these students with the correct preparation in order to give them the best chance to enter select entry schools. We plan to:

  1. Raise awareness of select entry high schools.
  2. Prepare a select group of students to help them through the select entry application  process and to give them the necessary tools to become successful.
  3. Provide these students with ongoing support through mentor-ship programs.
  4. Pave the path for a better education for the next generation.

Over the next few months we will be posting more information about our projects and how YOU can get involved in order to brighten the future of these students!


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