We need your help!

Calling all Old Boys! We want to hear your stories of how a Melbourne High education positively affected your life.

Select Entry Outreach is an organisation created to increase awareness surrounding educational opportunities in Academic Select Entry Schools through preparation and awareness. The team at Select Entry Outreach maintain an unwavering commitment to equality of educational opportunity, utilising collaboration with our partner organisations and engaging with the broader community. We have been involved in promoting Academic Select Entry Schools and educational opportunities as a whole since our establishment, through our work with the South Sudanese Community as well as numerous others through our community engagement programs.

The Select Entry Outreach Program also allows for young individuals to become aspiring leaders and mentors whilst giving back to the community. As such, the team at Select Entry Outreach would like to reach out to Old Boys of Melbourne High School to share their experience at an Academic Select Entry School and the role that a sound education played in facing the challenges that life presents.

By uploading these submissions to our website blog (https://selectentryoutreach.com), we hope that personal recounts from alumni will be able to inform and inspire potential students. A first-class education is a powerful tool in life, and we anticipate that through your submissions we will be able to motivate the next generation of leaders. At Select Entry Outreach, we believe education is an essential component in breaking socio-economic barriers. Hence, we wish to empower the disadvantaged and endeavour to solve the big issues, one small step at a time.

For any Old Boys who are interested in assisting us in our endeavours, please email your article submissions to: selectentryoutreach@gmail.com, or direct message our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/seoselectentryoutreach/.


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