How a Select Entry School Changed my Life: Rohin Aggarwal

My 4 years at MHS (1998-2001) were some of the most transformational years in my life. I made some of my closest friends to this day and got to know teachers who really cared about their students. The school grounds are incredible – who doesn’t want to go to school at a castle?? The location is excellent too – I remember many after-exam celebrations at the Jam Factory!  

However, more than anything else, Melbourne High transformed me academically. I was a decent student at Kew High, nothing outstanding. But when I got to Melbourne High, I saw my results in the first year drop from A’s and A+’s to B’s and C’s. I realised that I was competing against a whole new calibre of students. It wasn’t ok to just work at the pace I had been used to, I had to really put in the effort. This was ultimately what drove me to work hard – my peers and I pushed each other to perform at a higher level. I graduated Melbourne High with a perfect ENTER score which I would have never dreamed of getting had I not gone to this school.

Since MHS, I did a double degree of BCom and BEng (Software w/ honours) at the University of Melbourne. I worked for 4 years as a management consultant (after a brief unhappy stint in investment banking). I then went overseas to do my MBA at Harvard Business School and came back a few years ago to assist Australian corporates and startups with taking strategy through to execution.

Select Entry Outreach thanks Rohin for his contribution and encourages other alumni to share their stories with us. 

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