How a Select Entry School Changed my Life: John Poliniak

The selective entry school environment develops a culture which pushes students to achieve their very best. Personally, Melbourne High gave me the opportunity to look beyond the borders of what was available locally, supporting me on my dream to study abroad in the US.

Unlike the simplicity of an ATAR, the process to get into American colleges is multifaceted and complicated; the schools look beyond mere grades and are interested in life experiences and diversity. At selective entry schools, there are a plethora of clubs, sport and music opportunities for students to explore their passion.

I spent a lot of my time on the school’s rowing team and was fortunate enough to row on trips to Sri Lanka, the Australian Nationals in Sydney and even the US. These experiences contributed to a large portion of my college application and helped me get recruited to MIT, the school to which I have now committed.


As well as sport, I have taken advantage of the vast amount of leadership positions available to Melbourne High students. Positions such as School Captain and Form Captain challenged me to lead my cohort and represent the school to others, such as the Governor of Victoria and the CEO of VCAA, giving me an insight into the inner workings of modern society. Through its supporting yet competitive environment, Melbourne High has helped me chase my dream, as it will for thousands to come.


John and the other Melbourne High student leaders discussed the future of education with VCAA CEO Dr David Howes.

The Select Entry Outreach team congratulates John on his acceptance to MIT and we wish him all the best for his future endeavours! 

1 thought on “How a Select Entry School Changed my Life: John Poliniak

  1. MIT is the real winner here…John will be such an asset to the school….and I think he will love being in that culture and near Boston….college town USA!! Congratulations, John!!


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