Officially founded in July 2017 by Melbourne High School graduate Jeremy Scott, Select Entry Outreach (SEO) is a non-profit organisation which maintains an unwavering commitment to increasing the accessibility of educational opportunities in academic selective entry schools. We are committed to making these opportunities more equitable for all!

The SEO team Рa dedicated group of selective entry school students and alumni Рpursue the overarching goal of equity in education by collaborating with our partner organisations and engaging with the broader community. Since its inception, SEO has been involved in resource production, awareness campaigns and admission preparation efforts. We have worked closely with minority communities through our community engagement programs. Involvement in Select Entry Outreach acts as a vessel for aspiring youths to become leaders and mentors whilst giving back to the community. At Select Entry Outreach, we believe education is the quintessential tool in breaking socioeconomic barriers. Thus, we wish to empower the students of today, to become the leaders of tomorrow.


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